Starting tablet science lessons for primary schools in Phitsanulok

With the school term starting two weeks ago, all around the country six year olds are entering school for the first time. A year ago there were few schools with tablets, but now the OTPC project has distributed 800,000, tablets are everywhere. We were lucky to visit 3 schools in Bang Rakam, Phitsanulok, to run the first science lessons for the new group of Prathom 1 students. And when you watch a class of freshly arrived school children engrossed in specially designed educational activities on the tablets, then you realise that there is something powerful and inspiring in the OTPC project.


Over the coming weeks, we will be working with 10 schools in and around Phitsanulok to bring a little more excitement to science lessons using tablet activities designed and implemented by students from Naresuan University. This is part of a Thailand Research Fund (Sor Gor Wor / TRF) and Naresuan University funded project to develop science and mathematics tablet activities for the local area of Phitsanulok, running from January 2012 to January 2013. The project has two main aims: first, to create tablet applications that are suitably engaging for Prathom 1 students; and second, to provide better support for teachers in the use of the tablet applications. We will be reporting the results of this project later in the year.

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