Android Workshop at Maemoh, Lampang

Congratulations to the EGAT team who joined the Android Workshop at Maemoh Mine on 3rd-5th June 2015 organised by MCL and GISTNU. Two years ago, MCL hosted an introductory Android Workshop for the EGAT team at Naresuan University. This time we covered more advanced knowledge about Android to help them build their own apps to assist data collection and visualisation using maps. Content covered included:
- Android Studio as new official IDE for Android, it’s powerful for developers to migrate form Eclipse to Android Studio.
- RecyclerView is a new component to show list data which is more flexible and has better performance.
- Realm IO library as a Object Relational Database to manage local database on Android device. It’s super easy compared to SQLite.
- Google Maps and how to include data from Realm to show on a map.
- Volley library as a way to connect to web services which is super convenient library for requesting and sending data to Maemoh’s 3M system.

We hope that after this workshop the EGAT team can adapt this new knowledge to their work. We will be organising a 3rd course for EGAT team again on 1st-3rd July 2015 at CSIT, Naresuan University.

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