Energy monitoring collaboration

The cool air-conditioned rooms enjoyed by students and teachers at Naresuan University come at a high cost, and small changes in temperature could lead to significant cost savings.

Over 12 months ago, Mobile Computing Lab embarked on a collaboration with Asst. Prof. Waraporn Rattanongphisat from Department of Physics at Naresuan to build a system to collect temperature, humidity and power readings from classrooms and lecture halls in the Faculty of Science. By analysing the data, researchers can find out the optimal usage of air conditioning units to minimise energy consumption — whilst maintaining a perfect climate for students and teachers occupying the space.

CCM streamed to TV

Last week we launched the Climate Comfort Monitoring system at room SC5-214 with a live dashboard of the energy consumption displayed at the entrance to the lecture hall. The data is stored and processed on Google’s energy efficient1 cloud platform (Compute Engine) and available from any mobile device. Google’s Chromecast technology is used provide the live streaming on TVs.

1 For more information on the energy efficiency of Google’s cloud infrastructure, see:

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