Learning about JodJam: a bluetooth Braille keyboard for visually-impaired users

JodJam vs traditional Braille keyboard

We were given a warm welcome at Ratchasuda College at Mahidol University today and a very thorough introduction to an impressive device that assists visually-impaired users with typing on iPhone, Android and PCs. JodJam (or My Eye Memory) is a specialist bluetooth keyboard developed by Dr. Zeng Lertmanorat at Mahidol University. Taking time out from preparing for an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for JodJam, Dr. Zeng talked us through the functions of the device, which enables users to type in Thai and English using their knowledge of Braille. Other features include being able to save notes in the memory of the device, to upload to your Android phone or iPhone, and to control any app within your phone. The challenge of our 4th year computer science student, Pop, is to create an iPhone app to train users how to use it. We plan to have a prototype by the end of the summer!

Learning from Dr. Zeng, Dr. Jane and Dr. Pomme

Thank you to Dr. Zeng for introducing your awesome work, and thank you Dr. Pomme and Dr. Jane for your kind hospitality at Ratchasuda College.

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