Green Khaokho technology trial

Last Friday, our team went up to Khaokho for installing a TV-based application for business sector partners in the Green Khaokho led by GISTNU and Naresuan University. The application is a full digital signage solution with social features, including: (i) pictures posted by tourists at locations around Khaokho, (ii) advertisements posted by business sector themselves to promote their shops, (iii) notices of events posted by Green Khaokho project staffs and (iv) weather updates. We have set up the system as a trial at Khaokho Coffee Shop and Tonkafae Khaokho, as well as at Rainforest Resort on the way to Khaokho.


The purpose of this research is for tourists to get real time updates on what there is to see and where, in and around Khaokho. We hope this will help tourists to make decisions about where to visit and enable them to discover new attractions from the pictures that other tourists have posted.

The application is built upon a custom content management system that has been developed by MCL and runs in the cloud. A small device is connected to a TV and communicates over wifi to the cloud server, receiving live updates which are immediately shown on the TV. The device is a Raspberry Pi with open source software customised for connecting to our content management system.



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